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Joes smoking club marbella Marijuana Club Marbella - Marbs marijuana club Joes Marbella



You must be a member of Joe´s Smokers Club Marbella association or in order to fully use this app.

Dont download the app if you are not a Joe´s Club Member, access to the app its restricted and can only be validated by access granted to use and view the app content.

marijuana smoking club marbs marijuana club joes marbella

marijuana smoking club marbs marijuana club joes marbella

marijuana smoking club marbs marijuana club joes marbella


Welcome to Joes Smokers Club Marbella!

Joes Smokers Club Marbella is a private smokers club situated in the heart of Marbella. We offer different spaces in which our members can enjoy so that they feel at home. Our exclusive floor above is divided into three different areas: VIP, work and chill out space with comfy sofas.

Here at Joe’s we incorporate a contemporary style with attention to every last detail , we have everything possible so that you can enjoy all day and night. For our members who are looking for a working environment we offer spaces with comfy sofas and plug points everywhere so that you can work from your electronic devices every moment. On the other hand, for those looking to just relax, we have multiple tv screens with which you can enjoy watching sports, movies,play play station or whatever you desire.

Further more, you can enjoy our free wifi and board games, magazines,newspapers and books so you can relish every moment with us in Joe’s Marbella.

To guarantee that during your visit in Joe’s you don’t miss anything, our bar offers fresh juices and organic deserts, as well as fresh coconuts and a lot more refreshing beverages. Finally, to make your experience even more desirable we collaborate with different restaurants in our area so that you can feast on great food for when you feel hungry. We must not forget to mention that being a smokers club we offer all the above while trying one of Joe’s shishas which come in a variety of different flavors. Only at Joe’s Marbella do we accommodate your every need making it an unforgettable experience.

For those of you who are a bit shy, you can also come and visit just to play a game of pool on our ground floor.

Come and visit us, we are here to make you feel at home!



At Joe’s smokers Marbella music is the heart of our daily routine. Our booth is open to accommodate all DJS with a love of music, from professionals to amateurs, and beside this we are pleased to work with international dis from all over the world to offer more entertainment to our members experience. To make sure we fore fill every taste, in Joe’s you can listen to a wide range of different music, from r n b , hip hop, reggae to chill out, house, electric and more.

Every weekend we work with different guest Dj’s who share there love of music and musical style with all of us, so do not hesitate to visit us and come and enjoy your Joe’s experience with the most diverse and cosmopolitan crowd in Marbella.



The nucleus of our members here in Joe’s varies. we have members with multiple nationalities, cultures and lifestyles.

This reflects what Marbella is in this moment in time, a multicultural place, where everyone has a place.

Here at Joe’s smokers club Marbella, we want to offer these people a place where they can come and enjoy their time reading, working, meeting new people,chatting or simply disconnecting.

As part of this community which is so different, yet so United, we also carry out works in solidarity with organizations in the area so that their work is being heard and supported.

Sit back, breathe, connect, and enjoy life!

marijuana smoking club marbs marijuana club joes marbella

marijuana smoking club marbs marijuana club joes marbella




Being 21 years
Being regular smoker of cannabis or cannabis culture follower
The applicant must be accompanied by a partner of Joe’s Marbella as guarantor

Application for registration:

Registration times: Monday to Sunday from 12.00h to 00.00h
Identifying valid documentation (DNI / NIE, passport or driving license)
The registration fee must be paid at the time of completion of the application

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